Best Price Guarantee

On our website as well as on any other website of our affiliated hotels, you will always find the cheapest room or arrangement price for your stay. We guarantee that.

If you, nevertheless, find a cheaper room or arrangement price with identical services and booking conditions published on the Internet, you will receive not only the cheaper room or arrangement price, but also an additional 10 % discount on the price!

What should I do to get Best Prices?

  • Always make your reservation directly on our website.
  • If you find a cheaper room or package price online within 24 hours from booking and at least 48 hours before arrival, please send us an email to the address below. Attach a picture of the website, including the displayed price of the cheaper option.
  • Within 2 business days, you receive an email response from us:

If the application fulfils the contract conditions and is accepted by the respective Upstalsboom Hotel, you will receive a new confirmation with the cheaper room or arrangement price with the 10% discount, via email. Your initial reservation with the higher price will be automatically cancelled.

If the request from the respective Upstalsboom Hotel is not accepted because one or more of the conditions are not met, you receive a justification.

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer must present a booking confirmation for the best available room or package price posted on our website.
  • The room and the package price found on another website must match in its conditions with the price of the respective Upstalsboom hotels
  • Identical hotel
  • Identical room and bed type
  • Identical length of stay and dates
  • Identical arrival and departure dates
  • Identical sales conditions, cancellation policy, payment conditions, conditions with regard to changes in the reservation, etc.)
  • Identical number of guests
  • Identical currency
  • Identical services (breakfast, half board, etc.).
  • The comparative price is for the room or package price incl. VAT, but exclusive of the provincial, federal or municipal-related taxes and fees.

No claim for Best Prices exists if...

  • ... If the compared price relates to a non-public rate (such as negotiated rates, group rates, corporate rates)
  • ... The compared price is on an "opaque" website (websites that do not display the hotel names, exact address or availability of rooms until the user has made their payment).
  • ... It is a "Special Offer"
  • ... An error appears on the website at the time of request or booking
  • ... Price variation, incurred due to fluctuation and/or different exchange rates of the currency (the decisive factor is the exchange rate on the date of first reservation).
  • ... The compared price was seen offline.

Other important points

The Upstalsboom Hotel & Leisure GmbH & Co. KG is not liable for costs, including fees, resulting from cancellation of reservations or errors in the publication price of third parties.
In the event that the request for Best Prices includes several nights, the guaranteed lowest price will be applied to the final price, which results from the total price and not on the price of individual nights.
The Upstalsboom Hotel & Leisure GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer or to cancel the offer.
Price differences due to taxes or incorrect rounding up of price will not be considered.
Best Prices can only be claimed by the reservation holder. No claims can be submitted by someone else on behalf of the guest listed on the reservation.
For questions regarding Best Prices of Upstalsboom hotels, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:,